Step off the beaten path. Discover a hidden paradise.

Venture deep into the folds of the enchanting Datanli el Diablo nature reserve and there, at a soaring height of 1200m, you will find the idyllic La Bastilla Ecolodge awaiting your visit.

Against the backdrop of the emerald cloud forest and the echoes of howler monkeys, you can choose to spend your days hiking through remote native forests, kayaking on the crystalline waters of the nearby Apanas lake or simply lazing in a rocking-chair on the wooden balcony as the spectacular panoramic views fall away at your feet.

By visiting the charming eco-friendly, solar-powered La Bastilla Ecolodge you will truly be choosing to travel in a socially and environmentally responsible way. The Ecolodge is owned by the La Bastilla Technical Centre for Agriculture and Tourism and 100% of the profits generated by hotel are reinvested back into the education of the students, all of whom come from local low-income families, thereby providing the future generation of Nicaragua with the tools to lift themselves out of poverty.